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Pegasus Rotorcraft Ltd.

President: Joseph R. Reinhard

Mr. Reinhard is the founder of Pegasus Rotorcraft Ltd. He has had over thirty years of experience in the high tech environment holding a variety of management positions. His interest in aviation has ranged from pilot training to being a pilot examiner. As a pilot he has over 5000 hours and holds (4) ATP ratings: Commercial license for seaplanes; Certification as a Gold seal flight instructor; Instrument Instructor for airplanes and helicopters; Advance Ground Instructor. In addition, he also has FAA certification as an Airframe and Power Plant mechanic (A&P). As owner and operator of a flight school (Pegasus Aviation), he offered flight training in his own aircraft, (airplanes, single and multiengine, rotorcraft helicopter and gyroplanes). He also was a Pilot and Written Test Examiner offering a complete package to students. Mr. Reinhard provided a pre-purchase inspection service to those interested in buying a used aircraft.




 Pegasus Rotorcraft Ltd. A Nevada Corporation

Contact: Joe Reinhard

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