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Pegasus Rotorcraft Ltd.

Pegasus Rotorcraft Ltd. is dedicated to taking the Pegasus Mk III Gyroplane into production. Designed as a VTOL aircraft, the Mk III is the result of years of engineering and development. This effort and investment resulted in the production of five separate prototype designs and involved over 2,500 hours of test flights leading to the development of the sixth and final prototype. This aircraft was Type Certified by the Ministry of Transport, Canada. During this process it was recognized by the developers that it was extremely important to the project that the aircraft be Type Certified in the United States. They applied for US Certification and after four more years of rigorous engineering and testing the US Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Agency issued FAA Type Certification for the MkIII.

A brief explanation is in order for those not familiar with the significance of FAA Type Certification. The Type Certificate signifies that the Federal Aviation Agency certifies that the development of this particular aircraft has followed all of the procedures and met all of the requirements as set forth in the Federal Aviation Regulations and that the resulting certified aircraft can be reproduced by the owner of that certificate or his assigns, under conditions following FAA quality assurance procedures. Such aircraft will carry the Type Certification as originally granted to the original aircraft.


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A no roll takeoff is more of a normal event and is achieved by pre-rotating the rotor. This stores energy in the weight of the rotors, much like a flywheel on a car. The inertia is then converted to lift after releasing the clutch and pulling the collective, allowing for a near vertical departure, without concern for torque.

The Mk III is shown flying in a demo movie with the Canadian colors and Canadian registration number. This movie was taken during the certification process using a combination of hand held 8mm and 16mm cameras

The mpeg movieDemo in the Park is fairly large and not recommended for modem connections.

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